Home Financial Budgeting

You are probably wondering what in the world a computer tech is doing offering home budgeting.  I am the bean counter type that is pretty good with spreadsheets.  I don’t know about you but I like knowing where I stand each week.  I can help you set one up to avoid those late charges on bills and credit cards.  There are so many people out there missing payment dates that cost $25 a shot and it also hurts your credit.  Many people have no idea how their finances are going in the long run.  As I said, I can help you put your finances  into a spreadsheet so you can know where you stand each week and better plan for payments each month.  Just check and update your sheet every few days and you will be ready for making your payments on time.  It can save you dollars in the long run and you will know where you are financially at all times.  This service could easily pay for itself in a few months and give you some peace of mind.  Knowing how your finances are running months in advance can also help you make wiser decisions.