Save Money

How can I save you money? There are numerous ways.

Save money on printing.

What I have seen over and over again is that so many people use inkjet printers. The key reason is that these are the main type of printers that are sold at retail stores. There is a reason for that. What you will notice about inkjet printers is that if you do much printing you will spend a lot of money buying refill cartridges for them. Typically these cartridges will cost between $15-20. The problem is that typically these cartridges will only give you about 200 pages before you have to buy another one.  That is a significant amount of money spent on cartridges.

In some cases you may want to do color printing and that is fine on an inkjet. If you do mostly black and white printing there is a much cheaper solution. Black and white laser printers are far cheaper to operate. Let me make a disclaimer here. I have no connections with Staples Office Supplies. You can go to their website and typically buy a Brother brand remanufactured single function laser printer for $50-75. The first toner cartridge that comes with the printer will normally do about 1,500 pages before it has to be changed.  That in itself gives you enough value to buy the printer.  Bring that empty cartridge to me and I can refill it for $30 and turn it into a high yield cartridge that will do around 2,500 pages. What is cheaper? Pay $30 to get 2,500 pages or buy 12 $15-20 inject cartridges to do that same thing. That is at least $150 of savings. If your cartridges cost you $20 it is even more savings.

There is another advantage to the laser printer. As we all know, the residual ink on the end of the inkjet cartridges can harden and it stops working. You might not have used it but a few times but if it hardens and stops up you might have to replace it. Sometimes you can use a Q-tip with some alcohol on the end of it to get it to working again but sometimes even that will not work. Laser printer cartridges use toner, which is a powder. The cartridge never hardens no matter how long it sits and you do not get smudges on your paper.

You are wondering if you should just throw away the ink-jet printer. The answer is no. If you need to do color printing use that one. The solution is very simple. You can install more than one printer on a computer. You can install three or four if needed so we just simply install the laser printer alongside the ink-jet printer and you can use both of them as needed. When you start to print something you just select which one you want to use in the drop down print box. See, that is easy and you save lots of money.

Laptop Parts

Another item to save money on concerns laptops. Many people go back to the original manufacturer to buy batteries and chargers. I recommend that people go on Ebay or Amazon and buy them there. You will pay 1/4th the price for one there as opposed to the manufacturer. They are new and typically they are all made at the same factory in China.

Hardware Upgrades

Here is another way to save money. Sometimes a computer can get older and slower. You might think that you just need to buy a new one. That is not always the case. Sometimes an inexpensive upgrade like some more memory or even a different processor can speed it up tremendously. I have bought numerous used processors off of Ebay and installed them with great results. I have four of them myself and you would not believe the results you can get at times. I don’t buy many used computer parts but things like processors just about never fail. Those things are as tough as a sewer cover. The cost of this type of upgrade depends on your system. If it is a desktop it is very easy. A laptop costs a little bit more due to disassembly. There are times when $75-100 can extend the life of a computer for another two years.

Software Upgrades

Here is another solution. Windows XP has run out of support.  That means that Microsoft no longer sends out security updates for them.  Some of these XP computers can also be upgraded just by adding some memory and installing a version of Windows 7 on it. If it is a 64 bit processor it is a good candidate for upgrade. I will be glad to take a look at it and give you a free quote. All of it depends on the type of computer it is. I will tell you pretty quickly if it is  a good candidate to upgrade.  Quite often $200 can get you a near new computer.  If your computer is not a good candidate for an upgrade I won’t waste your money.