Virus and Adware Removal

Dealing with viruses is an ongoing problem.   There are new ones created each day.  Viruses can cause different problems and display various symptoms.  Some are just annoying and can be easily removed while others can actually damage the operating system and bring your computer grinding to a halt.  Because of this wide variation in damage that viruses cause, I take the less expensive approach of charging a normal per hour rate of $30 for my virus removal service.

Many companies will charge a flat rate fee of $150 or more up front to deal with virus removals no matter what they find.  If you go that route you will lose just about every time.  My approach for dealing with viruses is that I assume the best unless I find the worst.  I believe that in the long run I can save my customers money by charging a per hour rate.  Quite often it is just a matter of scanning the computer with the right software to remove a virus.  That might cost you only $30-50. Bear in mind that if the virus damages the system files to the point that I have to reload the operating system and other software it will run a good bit more but I take the conservative approach first.  This will often save my customers a lot of money in the end.  Why pay $150 for something that might cost you only 1/3 of that?

Another very important thing to bear in mind is that a slow running or erratic computer is not necessarily an indication that it has a virus.  There can be many other causes so why go to someone that will simply lump it into the “it probably has a virus” category and charge you a big fee for what might  be a simple and inexpensive fix?  The most effective method for troubleshooting computer problems is to use an open minded approach to it and not jump to conclusions.  As I said, lets assume the best unless we find the worst.

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