New Computer Setup

It can be quite easy for a person to pull a computer out of a box and go through a few steps to get it up and running.  There is one problem though.  The computer needs to be set up securely so that you don’t have to worry about viruses and other malicious software.  Too often I have seen people do this on their own and not get it secured.  A few weeks later they are looking for a computer tech to help them find out why their computer is running so slowly only to find that it has a virus or loads of adware on it.  It is a shame to see that happen when it can easily be prevented.

Another issue is the introduction of adware (advertising software) into the computer through updates of existing legitimate programs on the computer.  This can often cause annoying side effects like your internet searches being directed to their preferred sites rather than the ones you want.  These types of software can be very hard to get off if you don’t know how to deal with it.  After I set your computer up I can sit down with you and go over the ways in which you can avoid this aggravation.

For a flat fee of $30 I will help you set up your new computer so that you do not have to worry about this.  Wouldn’t you rather have someone help you set it up properly for a small fee rather than wind up having to pay that and more to remove a virus or aggravating adware?  This $30 price covers only computers that do not need data migrated over from an older computer.

For a new computer that needs to have data moved over from an older machine I charge my normal rate of $25 per hour.  Sometimes you also need a number of other software applications reinstalled with the data migration so the whole process can take several hours.  I have to make sure that all data is moved from the old hard drive to the new.  If you have a desktop computer I can probably install the old hard drive into the newer computer so that you can use it as a backup.  This also allows you to go back and get some of the old data in case you were to delete something accidentally.

Another important aspect of a new computer setup is that you must create the recovery DVDs that are needed in case of a system failure.  Hardly anyone setting up a new computer on their own knows this and it is a very important step.  I have seen this problem over and over.  In the past this step was not needed.  Computer manufacturers always sent copies of the software CDs needed for re-installation of your operating system.  That is not the case now unless you specifically request them when you purchase it.  If you buy it from a walk-in retail store you will not get them.  Computers now have a built-in feature for creating these recovery DVDs.  They need to be made when the computer is new and operating well.  Otherwise you might wind up needing to order a set of recovery DVDs for $30 and waiting several days for them.  This set of recovery CDs/DVDs can be made right from the start for a couple of dollars.  If you give me the chance to help you get your computer set up properly you will not run into the “gotchas” like that.

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