Consulting on Computer Purchases

I do offer consulting on computer purchases.   By the way, you do not need to buy the computer from me.   In fact, my primary goal is providing service and not sales.   If you will come by my home and sit down with me over a cup of coffee I can help you pick out what you need to meet your computing needs and help you get it ordered.   By the way, the coffee is free.  This is a flat rate consulting fee of $25.   Buying a computer sounds really easy but quite often the easy part is getting the wrong computer.   What can happen is that a person might buy more than they need or not buy enough.  It is best if you have a knowledgeable person explain to you all of the aspects of buying one.  As I said, you are not obligated to buy a computer from me.  I can just help you find the one that fits your need.

One thing I have going for me is that as a repair technician I know about the various issues that cause problems later on and how to buy a computer that is easy to work on.  Some of these things can make a big difference in cost later on.  The typical salesman in the store just wants you to buy something and he/she has no idea how to work on it.  I can help you find something locally or point you to a good internet website where you can buy what you need.

The Computer Hardware.  Will it meet your needs?

Too often I have seen people pay way more than needed or wind up buying something that will not work for them.   For instance, if you plan on running a CAD type program or doing video or photo editing you need something with more processing power and memory.   If you are just doing basic web surfing, email and word processing you can get by with much less.   Depending on what you are doing, the processor is one of the most important parts of the computer.  You can buy some really cheap computers out there but you need to make sure that it has a processor that will work for you.   You can upgrade memory and hard drives pretty cheaply but sometimes you are stuck with the processor once you buy the computer.  That is one item that makes a big difference in performance.  There is nothing worse than punching a button on the computer to do something and having to sit there and wait and wait and wait while the computer just grinds away.  Many of the computers I see sold in stores have processors that are slower than ones introduced years ago.  If you buy one with the wrong processor it may not last for two years.

Which Operating System Should You Buy?

Another factor in purchasing a computer is the operating system.   This is especially true since Windows came out with Windows 8.   There is a huge difference between Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. They are radically different.   Windows 8 versions seems to create a love/hate relationship for people and that is very understandable.   If you are the type that likes to learn new things and have the time to do so Windows 8.1 might work for you.   It has a very high learning curve.  If you want a minimal learning curve and want to just get on with business I would highly recommend that you stick with Windows 7.   It is very hard to find Windows 7 computers locally at the retail stores.   You will need to order one online where they are readily available.  Let me help you order the right computer and save you a lot of frustration and money in the process.

With the introduction of Windows 10 you have another one to choose from.  It is basically a cross between Windows 7 and 8.  The size of the tiles has been reduced and there is move back toward giving you more functionality with the older taskbar.

All of these new Chromebook laptop computers are really cheap but you cannot do a lot with them.  You will be very limited in what you can do.  If you are just surfing the web it is fine but that is about it.  They will only hook up to certain types of printers and that can be a very complicated process.

Buying a printer. 

I can also assist you in buying items like printers.  As I said, you don’t have to buy it from me.  Do you want to save money on printing costs?  Just let me know and I can help you do that.  Too many people are using inkjet printers to print black and white when a laser printer will do the same thing for 1/10th the price.  Laser printers are even cheaper than many inkjet printers.

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