Internet Connectivity Troubleshooting

Once in a while you might encounter problems with your internet connection.  I also provide troubleshooting for this type of problem.  I can explain to you how it all works and show you how to work through the process quite easily on your own.  That can save you money in the long run.

I can also help you set up a home network and hook up a router to your internet modem in order to give you more connections if needed.  One very important step is securing your internet router to make sure that no one can piggyback off of your internet connection.  If your router is not secure any person can drive up outside your house and use your connection.  If they commit fraudulent activity you can be held responsible for it until you prove your innocence.  That can get expensive.

One of the problems we are seeing these days is that wireless routers are not giving enough signal coverage for the whole house.  If the wireless router is on one end of the house downstairs, the upstairs bedroom on the other end may have a weak signal. That can be a problem with larger houses. If that is a problem I have some very inexpensive solutions for you.