Remote Desktop Support

Sometimes you might just need an item tweaked for better performance or you have a simple problem that can be fixed quickly.  I have an inexpensive solution for that type of problem.  I can, with your permission, access your computer remotely from my house and show you how to fix the problem.  That sounds a bit scary but this is the important thing to remember with that type of service.  We both have to be online at the same time and you have to physically grant me permission to access your computer.  I can’t just randomly access it.  The software I use is a well known remote support application.  I charge $8 per 15 minute increments for this type of service.  You don’t have to come here and I don’t have to go to you.  We both sit down in front of our computers and work through whatever problem you have.  This is so slick!!!  It is a great solution for those nagging 10 minute solutions that you have spent hours working on.